Being there. Being in the world.
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The Brand

"Dasein" is a German word from existentialist philosophy meaning, roughly, "the being" or "being there." When we created Dasein, we wanted our bags to spotlight the individual or "being" behind the fashion accessory, rather than the brand itself. We believe in creating fashion that match individual expression, rather than a means to sell expensive designer logos. Today's handbag market is dominated by a handful of outrageously expensive designer brands. We're the brand for true bag lovers who just adore a particular handbag style rather than the logo out front. We're for those of you who still love designer bags for their gorgeous, luxurious styles, but hate the designer price tag. With everything under $50, we make the latest handbag styles of the season extremely affordable. At the same time, however, we maintain an absolutely high quality standard for our bags. You won't get bags that fall apart within weeks or signs of less-than-perfect craftsmanship that are common for handbags in this price range. So go ahead and find that gorgeous looking bag you've always wanted, at an unbelievably bargain price.

Featured Items

Dasein Gold-Tone Messenger Bag with Matching Sunglasses
Dasein Faux Leather Drawstring Accent Backpack with Side Pockets with Matching Sunglasses
Dasein Satchel with Semi Metallic Patch Design Front Gold Tone Accents with Matching Sunglasses
Dasein Fashion Gold-Tone Work Satchel
Dasein Faux Leather Satchel with Flowery Design and Gold Accent Bow
Dasein Faux Leather Satchel with Gold plated Trim on both sides and Snake Skin Rolled Handle
Dasein Medium Classic Tote Bag with Front Crosshatch patch and Round Gold Trim Handle
Dasein Faux Leather Satchel with Snap Around Gold Belted Accent
Dasein Denim Chain Link Tote Bag with Matching Bags
Dasein® Faux Saffiano Leather Winged Studded Satchel
Dasein Buffalo Faux Leather Belted Medium Tote Bag with Matching Wallets
Dasein Large Classic Two Tone Striped Meduim Tote with Free Matching Accessory bag/wallets
Dasein Slim Briefcase with Matching wallets
Dasein Belted Medium Tote Bag Decorated with Studs with Matching Wallets
Dasein Structured Satchel with Zip Top Closure/Handbag/Shoulder Bag/Satchel/Medium Bag
Dasein Kiss Lock Compartment Padlock Satchel with Shoulder Strap
Dasein® Buffalo Faux Leather Zip-Around Handbag
Dasein Kiss-Lock Center Compartment Padlock Satchel
Dasein Fashion and Medium Padlock Satchel with Shoulder Strap
Dasein® Faux Leather Snap Front Satchel with Shoulder Strap
Dasein Medium Satchel with Front Belted Gold Plated Hinge and Detachable Matching Wristlet
Dasein Wooden Handle Croco Material Satchel Medium Bag
Dasein Ostrich Material Wooden Handle Leather Satchel with Tassel
Dasein Croco Embossed Padlock Satchel
Dasein and Structured Satchel with Zip Top Closure
Dasein 2 in 1 Faux Leather Bag. Combination of Satchel and Tote
Dasein® Faux Ostrich Leather Winged Satchel with Patent Trim
Dasein Faux Leather Rhinestone Studded Zip-Around Handbag
Dasein Charm Tote Bag with Embossed Trim
Dasein Briefcase Satchel with Expandable Side Zipper

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