Why Are Leather Bags Dear?

Leather bags are one of women’s favorite accessories. In the closet of a fashionable woman, you can always find various kinds, styles and colors of leather handbags, shoulder bags and purses, each of which goes with a certain style of clothes. However, leather bags also cost a lot. The price of a small leather bag is very often much higher than a piece of clothes. Then why are leather bags so expensive? Here are some possible reasons.

First of all, leather bags, especially bags of famous brands, take a long time to produce. Some leather bags are even hand-made. It takes a handicraftsman three days to make an Hermes leather Navy Daasein Fashion Fold Over Flap with Flip Clasp Checkbook Wallet with his awl and linen thread. Even if the leather bags are not hand-made, they have to go through very strict process steps. It is not surprising in the fashion world that customers have to wait for years for their dream leather bags. In order to buy leather bags of perfect qualities, even the British Queen is unable to count the chickens before hatch.

Navy Daasein Fashion Fold Over Flap with Flip Clasp Checkbook Wallet

Secondly, leather bags of famous brands often compete in the market with famous stars and celebrities promoting for them. For example, the famous young actress Emma Watson is advertising for Burberry leather bags recently, and Madonna was once the representative of LV bags. A large number of world-famous models or sports stars are also promoting leather bags for famous brands. The promotion cost for big leather bag companies is huge, and prices of leather bags must be high enough to help companies gain profits.

Thirdly, good leather cheap bags are usually made of grade-A leather, which is picked by professional bag makers and is of great differences with ordinary leather. And as there are strict laws and rules against wild hunting in a lot of countries, it is getting extremely hard to buy first-class animal skin. Therefore, the price of good leather keeps going up, causing a rise in the prices of leather bags directly.

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