Tips on Spring Fashion Match

When we wave goodbye to the cold winter and usher in beautiful spring, what have changed isn’t only the weather, but also our clothes. In the cold weather of winter, we are obliged to wear fur overcoat and dark colors like black and grey become the keynote colors of our clothes. It is because the cool, mysterious and hard sense of dark colors better fit into the air of cool winter. Therefore, as lovely spring is beckoning to us now, we do need a change from inside out. And first of all, we should consider about change our bags to keep pace with the spring fashion.

Then what are now the most leather shoulder bags in this spring? The best route to get the information is vogue magazines. Celebrities and super models the weather vane of fashion trends posted on these magazines will tell you what kind of bags are now prevalent in this new spring!

First, let us take a look at Jessica Alba. I have to say she is really a genius in clothes matching. She carries a pale white handbag which is quite concerted with her loose yellowish shirt. The canvas handbag hanging leisurely on her arm seems to speak out how she enjoys the balmy weather of spring. In this we could learn from Jessica that spring bags had better set out the leisure and lovely air of spring. So bags made of soft materials and warm colors are one direction the spring fashion goes.

Green Dasein Fold Over Flap with Flip Clasp Checkbook Wallet

But we could also go a different line because fashion tolerates different understanding on how spring is. Now let’s set our eyes on Lindsay Lohan. As a well-known “bad girl”, Lindsay always behaves different from others and this feature of her is also seen on her spring fashion. In the appearance of short white shirt and tight jeans, she looks fabulous with a crispy and modern air. And the bag she clutches in hand is simple in design with only gold zipper as the highlight of it. And the simplicity of the Green Dasein Fold Over Flap with Flip Clasp Checkbook Wallet quite fit into her overall style.

Still, you could also refer to the pose of Kate Moss. An overcoat casually matched with jeans and bright-colored canvas shoes with a long-strapped tote bag over the shoulder is how Kate appears in snap shot.

In all, the spring fashion is about to come. Have you got ready to give yourself a change?